Enjoy a year in a land of open culture, tulips and bikes. As an Au Pair in the Netherlands you will be able to live in the heart of Europe, improve your English and learn dutch!

Au Pair in the Netherlands – At a glance

Au Pair in the Netherlands

Au Pair in the Netherlands

Age: 18-31 years (Might not be 31 at the time of applying for the visa)
Length of stay: 3 – 12 months
Working hours: 30 hours per week. You can work up to 8 hours in their work days.
Holiday: 2 days off per week. In a 12 month stay Au Pairs also get 2 weeks paid holiday.
Traveling expenses: Covered by the Au Pairs
Insurance: You can apply for the European Health Insurance Card. If you have any other nationality you will need a private insurance which cost is normally covered by the family.
Pocket money: Normally 300 – 350 euros per month
Visa requirements: If you come from a EU member country you do not need a visa. If you have another nationality, you need to apply for a visa with the help of an agency.


Requirements for European Union Citizens:

Requirements for other nationalities:


  • are age is between 18 and 30 years old
  • do not have any illness and you are healthy
  • like to work with kids
  • speak a little bit of Dutch and you are interested in discovering the culture
  • want to attend a Dutch language course
  • have a Health Report and a valid passport or ID-card

  • are between 18 and 30 years old
  • enjoy taking care of children
  • speak at least some Dutch and want to attend a language course
  • are healthy and not a smoker
  • have alway been interested in living in the
  • Netherlands for up to a year
    are eligible a visa and a working permit

Au Pair in the Netherlands – Requirements and Visa

If you are from any European Union Member country you will be able to travel to the Netherlands without a visa. However, all other nationalities need an Au Pair visa.

You will need to apply for the visa in your home country. This permit can only be approved if it is done with the help of one of the recognised agencies.They will send you all the important details and guide you through the application process up to your residence permit in the Netherlands.