Au-Pair Costs for the Host Family

If you would like to host an Au-Pair at your home, this is associated with certain Au Pair cost. On the one hand, there are costs for the Au-Pair, which are connected with the Au-Pair placement through the agency, on the other hand, you have to pay for monthly expenses like pocket money and food for the Au-Pair. Below you will find more information about the most important Au-Pair costs.

Au-Pair Costs: Program Fees

The program fees amount to a total of around 700 to 800 Euro (incl. 19% VAT).

  • This includes a basic fee of 350 to 400 Euro, which must be paid as soon as you have chosen an Au-Pair.
  • In addition, the commission fee of around 350 and 400 Euro is included in the price. This fee is due after the Au-Pair has arrived in the host country.

Please note that each agency requires different fees as the program requirements change in each country. The prices ( and the Au-Pair cost) can change in every country and region.

Au-Pair costs for the Host Family

The total costs to host an Au-Pair are about 600 Euro per month for Host Families. This amount is made up of various components.

1. Monthly pocket money - 250-450 €

Au-Pairs are entitled to a monthly allowance of 260 Euro for the entire stay in Germany. It is best to open a bank account for your Au-Pair. The amount of pocket money varies in every country but ranges usually between 250 and 450 Euro since the Au-Pairs need to work different hours depending on the local program.

2. Board and lodging - 150 €

The Host Family must also provide full board and lodging during this time. The Au-Pair's room must be in the family's house or flat, lockable, furnished and at least 8 sqm in size.

3. Subsidy for a language course and travel expenses - 70€

Au-Pairs have the right to take part in a language course in most countries. As a German Host Family, you have to pay a grant of 50 Euro per month as well as the travel costs to the language school (approx. 20 - 80 Euro per month).

4. Insurance - 50€

The insurance costs for the Au-Pair are paid by the Host Family in some cases. For a health, accident and liability insurance the costs amount to about 35-55 Euro per month.

5. Travel allowance - 20€

We recommend that families contribute to the Au-Pair's travel expenses to the host country after the arrival. You can, for example, reimburse the Au-Pair with 10% of the travel expenses per month and add this to the pocket money.

6. Visa extension, registration - 5€

All Au-Pair costs incurred in the host country related to the registration and the visa are paid by the Host Family.

Deduct Au-Pair costs from tax

You can deduct some of the Au-Pair cost from your tax as childcare cost in some countries. These expenses are deductible:

  • program fees
  • pocket money
  • board and lodging
  • subsidy for the language course
  • contribution to travel expenses to Germany
  • public transport costs
  • health insurance contributions

Childcare costs are deductible up to a maximum of 4,000 euros per year and child in Germany. If the Au-Pair also supports you in the household, you can claim part of the expenses for tax purposes as services close to the household. We recommend you to talk with your tax consultant about this issue to learn more.

The full-service agency will be happy to provide you with a certificate of the expenses for your Au-Pair for submission to your local tax office.