Hire an Au Pair - The Au-Pair placement

Application documents

In order to hire an Au Pair and to be considered for an Au-Pair placement with a full-service agency, you must apply via an online application form as a Host Family. There you can register, create your family profile and upload the required documents. The same applies to the search with an online matching platform like AuPair.com.

In order to apply, you need to log in and follow the steps below:

  • Fill in the questionnaire
  • Write a letter to the candidate
  • Add family photos
  • Check and submit your application

You should send your application as a Host Family at least 3 months before the desired start date. After the agency has received your complete application, the Au-Pair placement will start. If you become a member of AuPair.com you can start your search immediately after your registration.

Au-Pair program requirements

Couples and single parents with at least one minor child can apply as a Host Family.

In the family, the language of the host country must be spoken in everyday life. There must be no relationship between the Au-Pair and the Host Parents. If four or more children live in the same household, you may accept twoapplicants.

In addition to the legal regulations, it is important for an Au-Pair placement that you integrate the Au-Pair into the family as a new family member and that you are open to the new culture.

Find an Au-Pair

The hiring of an Au-Pair is possible at any time. However, you should apply as a Host Family at least three to six months before the desired start date. This will give you enough time to find a suitable Au-Pair for your family and take care of the visa application.

  • In order to become a Host Family, you must submit an application to the agency or to the online matching platform AuPair.com.
  • Fill in the questionnaire and write a personal letter to your future Au-Pair describing your family life. Include at least one family photo with your documents to give you a first impression.
  • Based on your application and your search criteria, the agency or the online matching platform will select suitable Au-Pairs and send you suggestions.
  • On the basis of the Au-Pair documents, i.e. questionnaire, letter of introduction, photos and references, you choose an Au-Pair who meets your expectations.
  • The Au-Pair can have a look at your family profile, then you can get in touch with the Au Pair via phone or video chat and thus gain a better impression, clarify questions and convince yourself of his or her knowledge of your language.
  • If the Au-Pair and the Host Family decide in favor of each other, the Au-Pair placement will take place. Otherwise, the agency or the online matching platform will send you new Au-Pair suggestions.