Become an Au-Pair in France

Au-Pair France

Au-Pair in France

An Au-Pair in France? Absolutely, if you want to enjoy life in one of the most visited countries in the world. More than 86 million people who visit France every year cannot be wrong! Croissants, Paris, fashion combined with a rich history makes France one of the best destinations for an Au-Pair.

It is in fact true that France is a very special country. And there's a lot more to all of the typical clichés, like eating baguettes and listening to French chansons. Don't miss your chance to discover the French lifestyle and improve your language skills with your Host Family!

How to become an Au-Pair in France

Au-Pair in France

The Au-Pair Program in France is one of the most beloved. Agencies normally place Au-Pairs in Paris, the Côte d'Azur Region, Bordeaux, and Corsica.

There are two ways of finding a Host Family in France. The first one is a full-service agency in your home country which will help you in your search. The staff will try to find a family for you. Some agencies charge a certain amount of money for this service. In exchange for the payment, you will receive support during the process. If your stay doesn't go like you wanted to and something goes wrong, the agency staff will help you in this situation.

A different and completely online-based way to find a Host Family is an online matching platform like You can find a Host Family on your own using such a platform. The registration is fast and easy and you can get in touch with Host Families right away.


“A year as an Au-Pair is the perfect combination from daily family life, improving a foreign language and a bit of tourism" – Nina, Au-Pair in France

“It was a beautiful unforgettable time. A time in which I met a lot of interesting people, gathered many great experiences, and made a lot of life experience” – Ricarda, Au-Pair in France

Au-Pair Workshops

For all those who wish to discover France, agencies organize free information meetings in which you can find out more about the programs. Moreover, this is the perfect time to meet other candidates who are interested in going abroad. Maybe the start of a beautiful friendship?

To help you get ready for your stay, agencies also offer workshops in which you will learn more about the daily life of an Au-Pair in France, get taught about childcare and advice on how to deal with homesickness. Additionally, the staff will give you some tips on how to adapt to the French lifestyle. You can also share your concerns and doubts with your advisors.