Au Pair in Sweden

Au Pair in Sweden

Beautiful landscapes, incredible summers and friendly people. For these reasons, Sweden is becoming a popular Au Pair destination. This experience will not only help you learn a new language but also explore Scandinavia. Known for its high quality of life, Sweden is without a doubt a great place to experience a year abroad.

Au Pair in Sweden

  • Age: 18-30
  • Length of stay: 1 – 12 months
  • Working hours: 25 hours per week
  • Holiday: You are entitled to 4 weeks holidays (during a 12 month stay).
  • Traveling expenses: You have to pay for your own travel expenses.
  • Insurance: If you come from a EU-country member you can process the European Health Insurance Card. If you are not a permanent resident from any EU-country, the Host Family will need to get an insurance for you.
  • Pocket money: 3.500 SEK per month
  • Visa requirements: If you come from any EU member country, you do not need a visa. In case you don’t, you will need to get this permit in your country of residence.


  • Age: are 18-30 years old
  • Single and with no children of your own
  • do not have any health problems
  • like to work with kids and have experience in babysitting
  • Language: can speak at least a little bit of Swedish and are willing to attend a language course
  • Drivers license
  • meet all the visa requirements
  • Stay: at least 10 months


1. Application
Send your application to the agency and wait for their confirmation.  Once you have gathered all the documents, they will send your profile to their partner in Sweden to start the search for your future family!

2. Looking for a Host Family
The Swedish partners will look for a host family for you and send them your application! Remember to make it appealing to them!

3. Placement
If the Host Family is interested in your profile, the agency will send you their profile too! Plan a video call and reach an agreement!

4-. Visa
If you need a visa, make sure to apply for it before its too late!

4. Departure
Book the flight and pack your bags! Get ready for a year in Scandinavia.


If you do not hold a passport from any EU country you need to apply for a visa to Sweden to live the Au Pair experience.

You can apply for the visa at the Swedish embassy in your country of residence. In addition to the general requirements, you need to meet the following criteria:

Certificate of enrollment in a language course in Sweden

A written invitation from the Host Family. This letter must include all the details of your stay.

To apply for the visa you have to submit the application form number 131011, which you can download from the Swedish Embassy website in your country. You also need to make an appointment during which your fingerprints are taken. Other documentation needed for the process are your passport with copies and the invoice of the application.

Please contact the Swedish embassy in your country for more information. If you are an Au Pair from EU and EFTA keep in mind that you still need a valid passport or ID to register once in Sweden.


If you are a citizen of the European Union you can get the European Health insurance card which will grant you access to medical attention. If you have a different nationality please apply for a private insurance. A good option might be  PROTRIP-WORLD.



“I could discover Sweden with its culture, traditions and friendly people. I improved my English and learnt Sweden” – Julia, Au Pair in Sweden

“I got to experience how life is outside of my world and realized how easy it is to win the love of people when you make the right thing. I can just recommend to live the Au Pair experience!” – Leonie, Au Pair in Sweden

Au Pair Workshops

Au Pair agencies organize information meetings to give you more details about the Au Pair Programs and living abroad.

They also organize Workshops in which you will get tips for your stay,  ideas for children games and also an insight on the responsibilities and daily life of an Au Pair in Sweden. You can also contact the advisors and ask them all your doubts!