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Au-Pair Program

The Au-Pair program is a cultural exchange where the candidate stays for at least a few months with a family in a foreign country. The family provides the candidate with a private room and regular meals. In exchange for that, the Au-Pair helps with childcare and light household chores.

The Host Family and the Au-Pair learn how to live together with someone from a foreign culture and make new experiences. The participant can also visit a language class during the stay to improve the knowledge of the host country’s language.

There are many countries that offer the Au-Pair program, just like the UK, the USA, Finland or Sweden. If you would like to join one of the programs, get in touch with our partner agencies all over the world.

The Au-Pair Programs

Au-Pair USA

Become an Au Pair in the USA and live your American Dream!

Au-Pair UK

Discover the British culture and way of life!

Au-Pair Finland

Experience the Finnish way of life and the beautiful nature!

Au-Pair Netherlands

Become an Au Pair with a Dutch family!

Au-Pair Italy

Live with an Italian host family and discover the Italian flair!

Au-Pair Scotland

Enjoy your Scottish adventure and gain new cultural experiences!

Au-Pair Spain

Dive into a new culture and improve your Spanish skills!

Au-Pair Australia

Start your adventure in Australia and experience the Land Down Under!

Au-Pair New Zealand

Make your dream come true and travel to New Zealand as an Au-Pair!

Au-Pair Germany

Gain an insight into German culture!

Au-Pair Iceland

Visit the volcanic island and get to know the culture and language of Iceland!

Au-Pair France

Discover the world of the French and travel to France as an Au-Pair!

Au-Pair Ireland

Travel to the green island and experience an unforgettable time as an Au Pair!

Au-Pair Sweden

Gain valuable experience as an Au-Pair in the Swedish Kingdom!