Find out about the costs for Au-Pairs

How much does it cost to become an Au-Pair

Costs for being an Au-PairHow much does it cost to become an Au-Pair? This is a question which we receive frequently. The answer is: it depends! If someone wants to become an Au-Pair, they have to fulfill certain requirements and also take care of some costs that come with the participation in the program.

We will give you an overview about the general costs for being an Au-Pair.

Program fees and more

In case you want to cooperate with a full-service agency you have to pay a program fee. The exact amount varies depending on your target country. These Au-Pair costs consist of the registration fee and the placement fee.

In some countries, e.g. Australia, New Zealand or the UK, you can choose between different programs with different price levels. For example, you can book a more expensive service package which will offer you more services than the cheap one.

In the European countries, the costs for the Au-Pair placement usually amount to 15 Euro registration fee and 150 Euro placement fee. However, there are exceptions. The costs for Au-Pairs therefore vary a lot depending on the destination.

If you choose to find a family on your own,  you can register with for free. Please note that this platform cannot provide you with the same service as a full-service agency would. It is connected with a bit more of reading and informing yourself through the platform's website.

Other costs

Next to optional agency fees there are also other costs that the Au-Pair has to consider:

  • An Au-Pair is responsible to cover all travel expenses. This includes the flight to the host country and back home, costs for luggage and transport to the airport.
  • If the candidate needs a visa for the stay, then it is also necessary to pay an application fee for the embassy.
  • In most of the cases, the participant is also responsible to pay for the costs of the insurance in the host country.
  • There will also be fees for a health certificate and a medical check.
  • The request of a Police Clearance Report and the passport are connected to some costs as well.
  • If you as an Au-Pair want to take part in a language course, you need to pay the costs for the class in most countries.
  • As an Au-Pair you should not forget about money on trips and gas for the car.