Au Pair Costs

If someone wants to become an Au Pair, they have to fulfill certain requirements and also take care of some costs that come with the participation in the Au Pair program.

Program fees and more

In some countries the Au Pair can choose how long they want to stay. This depends on the Au Pair’s nationality and if a visa is necessary to become an Au Pair or not.

For agencies Au Pairs usually pay a certain amount of and agency fee or a program fee. The prices of the agencies are totally different. If the Au Pair registers on an online matching platform just as, the Au Pair only pays for a premium membership that will allowe her/him to send personal messages to Host Families and exchange contact details.

In European countries the costs of an Au Pair placement  are around 150 Euros.

Other costs

There are also other costs that the Au Pair has to plan in:

  • An Au Pair is responsible to cover all travel expenses. This includes the flight to the host country and back home, costs for luggage and transport to the airport.
  • If the Au Pair needs a visa for the stay then it is also necessary to pay an application fee for the embassy.
  • In most of the cases the Au Pair is also responsible to pay for the costs of the insurance in the host country.
  • There will also be fees for a health certificate and a medical check.
  • The request of a Police Clearance Report and the passport are also connected to some costs.
  • If you as an Au Pair want to partake in a language course, you need to pay the costs for the class.
  • If you are an Au Pair you should plan that you will also have to spend some money on trips and gas for the car.