Para Au Pairs

Au Pairs live together with a Host Family for up to 12 months. They take care of their children and do small tasks in the household just as vacuuming from time to time. In exchange the Au Pair gets accommodation, full board and pocket money.

An Au Pair takes care of different tasks that are connected to childcare just as playing with the kids, doing some crafts, giving them a ride to school or kindergarten and helping them with their homework. Besides that the Au Pair helps with light household chores just as any other family member, small meals and cleaning up the kids’ room.


There are many benefits that come with the time as an Au Pair. We will also tell you everything about our favorite programs for Au pairs and give you an overview of all the general requirements, just as the process.

Let the advantages of an Au Pair stay convince you and start your Au Pair adventure now!

Advantages for Au Pairs

As an Au Pair you have the opportunity to go to a foreign country for a couple of months without spending a lot of money.  Your Host Family  will provide you with free accommodation and full board in exchange for you to take care of their kids. This will bring you a lot of new experience.

Since you work and live together with the Host Family you’ll get to know a new lifestyle and the culture of your Host Country. You will also improve your knowledge of the language automatcil Durch das Zusammenleben mit einer einheimischen Gastfamilie lernst du deren Lebensstil kennen und tauchst in die Kultur des Gastlandes ein. Zudem kannst du durch die alltägliche Kommunikation mit deiner Familie und den Besuch eines Sprachkurses vor Ort die Landessprache kennenlernen und deine Sprachkenntnisse verbessern.

Show your Host Family your traditions, because it is not only you who can experience something new. Tell them about your culture and teach your host kids some words in your language.

An Au Pair stay is perfect for a gap year. If you have some time between school and university or between your bachelor’s degree and the beginn of your master’s the au pair program is the perfect solution. Do you just need some time off of your everyday life or to find out what you want to do next? The participation in the au pair program can be right for you.

Another plus is that you will have a very postive reference in your CV. A foreign experience of a few months will look great in an application.

The au pair stay will not only help you to expand your horizon, but also your personality. You will become more independent and learn how people of other nations live together. You will become more tolerant and open-minded´and will take a great responsibility by taking care of children.

If you choose to be part of the au pair program you’ll also have the chance to find friends all around the world.

Most Popular Au Pair Destinations

If you want to become an Au Pair in a foreign country you have a huge choice of Au Pair Destinations. The most popular ones are Australia, England, New Zealand and the USA.

Down Under is a special destination, you can explore Australia’s nature, culture and language if you become an Au Pair. Become an Au Pair in Sydney, melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or somewhere in the outback.

Here you can find detailed information about the Au Pair program in Australia.

  • Start: whenever you like
  • Duration: The Working Holiday Visa is usually valid for 12 months
  • Working time: 25-40 hours/week
  • Pocket money: AU$ 150-300/months


England is one of the most popular Au Pair destinations of Europe. Explore the streets of London, the halls of the Oxford university and enjoy the amazing landscapes of the country.

If you become an Au Pair in England with a visa you can stay one year. If you happen to be from a country of the European Union you can even stay longer or only for a few months.

Au Pairs in England work up to 40 hours per week, depending on the host family. Most of the time the working hours in England are around 30.

This is some general information about England:

  • Start: whenever it is good for you
  • Duration: Visa holders can stay up to 12 months, EU citizens can stay longer
  • Working hours: 25-40 hours
  • Pocket money: starting at 70 GBP/week


Au Pairs can explore the amazing landscape of New Zealand. Who knows, maybe you even see a hobbit passing by.

These are the general requirements of the Au Pair program in New Zealand:

  • Start: whenever you like
  • Duration: you can stay up to 12 months with the Working Holiday visa
  • Working hours: 30-40 hours
  • Pocketmoney: 150-200 NZ$/week


The Au Pair program in the USA will show you the American way of life. We place Au Pairs in America together  with our partner agency. An Au Pair stay is only possible for 12 months. You can’t stay for less than 12 months.

You will take care of the Host family’s kids for up to 45 hours a week, help with light household chores and take a cultural or language course at a local college. The Host Family supports you with $ 500 for that course.
If you want to travel around America  you will have a 13th months to do that.

These are the general rules of the Au Pair program in America:

  • Start: whenever, agencies have about 2 dates a months to go to the USA
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Working hours: max. 45 hours/week
  • Pocketmoney: $ 195,75/week, $ 500 for college courses


Requirements Au Pair

  • Age between 18 and 30 years
  • Unmarried, no children
  • Basic knowledge of English
  • Experience in childcare
  • Healthy
  • Ideally Non-Smoker
  • Clean Police Clearance Certificate
  • Driver’s License and driving experience
  • Visa if needed
  • Being interested in the country’s culture