Think about an Au-Pair insurance for a safe trip

Au-Pair Insurance

As an Au-Pair you need to have an Au-Pair insurance during your stay abroad. An international insurance is important so that you can see a doctor in case of illness and can take advantage of medical care.

It is advisable to find out what type of insurance is required in the host country. It is also best to talk to your Host Family about this topic. Depending on the target country, your national health insurance may also cover stays abroad. Many liability insurances also offer international protection for some countries.

It is important that you get to grips with the topic as early as possible, so that you are sufficiently covered in the host country from day one. Also consider whether an accident or luggage insurance would make sense for you.

International insurance

Within the EU you can benefit from the EHIC (European health insurance card). You are insured by the health insurance in your country of residence and can get medical services for free abroad. This usually applies if you...

  • do not stay abroad for more than 12 months
  • are under a certain age
  • do not pay taxes in another country than your home country

make sure if this feature applies to you by contacting your health insurance at home as soon as possible. Find out about the insurance regulations and benefits for a longer stay abroad.

European health insurance card

You are not automatically insured by your insurance company during your stay abroad? Then you can apply for a European Health Insurance Card for your Au-Pair stay in a EU member state. However, you should find out what kind of support it provides. If you have a chronic illness, you should get in touch with your health insurance company and ask about protection abroad. Moreover, please note that you might pay for the medical service in your host country and the insurance company will refund you later. Always make sure that you have enough money with you for emergencies!

It is advisable to apply for additional accident and liability insurance. Make sure that your additional insurances apply for a stay abroad.

Insurance Options

In some cases, the agency will cooperate with certain insurance companies and provide you with their contact details. It is recommended to use such a cooperation for two reasons:

  • the agency and the company trust each other, which means that you will have support from partners
  • participant can often benefit from discounts of the partner organisation

However, even if the agency will mention a certain company, you are not obliged to have an insurance with them. You are free to choose with which company you want to cooperate.